#HairGoals…How to Rock A Short Do like Maria Walsh!

Want an amazing short hair do but you aren't sure how to pull it off? We had a chat with Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh to get her advice...

Maria Walsh, Rose Of Tralee
Maria Walsh sure knows how to make short hair look good…




It seems everywhere you look these days ladies are brandishing long flowing locks (totes natural, we’re sure…ahem), but there’s something to be said about a short, chic crop.

Almost every woman can wear short hair – the secret is finding the right cut for your face shape and hair texture.

For example, oval-shaped faces can really rock a bold pixie do, a round-shaped face suits a barbershop haircuit and for heart-shaped faces, think Carey Mulligan: texture at the crown while keeping the sides flat.

We got in touch with our very own Rose of Tralee, the lovely Maria Walsh, who certainly knows how to carry off a short style – having had it for three years now – for her best tips and tricks.

“First and foremost know that short hair has its own personality,” Maria warns, “So when you wake up it will look different each and every day – and we have no say over how and why it acts up!”

To tame her locks, Maria says she usually uses American Crew ‘Pomade’, a water-based alternative to a styling gel.

“I take a small 50 cent coin amount and warm it in my palms, start from the roots to the top, mess it and see how it wants to sit,” she says.

The Philadelphia-born Mayo beauty added: “When I am being super lazy (which is quite often!) I just put some mild-hold hairspray and let it sit.”

Maria says she tries to pick up small hair masks when she’s browsing Boots or CVS to give her hair that healthy feel every three weeks, and in terms of getting it cut, she aims for every 4-6 weeks.

“It goes out of shape quite fast,” she told us. “It’s a slight pain but it’s worth it. When I’m in Philly I get it chopped at a place called Juju, an organic salon which offers cool, layered and over textured cuts!”

The Rose stresses that the game changer with going for the chop is feeling comfortable with the person wielding the scissors.

“If you’re thinking about chopping it, have some inspiration with you and take control over how it looks, rather then letting your hairstylist dictate,” she advises. “Use their experience with your vision.”

She says she isn’t a fan of slick, bold-shaped cuts and much prefers layered, choppy ones that allows her hair to stay in a cooler shape.

Will she keep her cropped do for another three years? Errrr….
“I’ve been threatening to grow it, bleach it or just do something in a few months…we’ll have to wait and see!” Maria laughs. We think she could totes pull off the Eminem circa 1999 look…


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