How to Eat Yourself Beautiful: Rosanna Davison shares her daily diet

Could you stick to this?

Rosanna's healthy eating puts us to shame! |VIP Ireland
Rosanna’s healthy eating puts us to shame! |VIP Ireland


Here in VIP Towers, we’re lucky enough to have delicious treats sent in to the office on a daily basis – just check our Instagram! – but after seeing model Rosanna Davison’s daily diet, we’re starting to regret that third white chocolate and raspberry eclair.

The foodie recently released her debut cookbook Eat Yourself Beautiful, and it’s been a sell out ever since, instructing fans of the former Miss World on her beauty, diet and fitness tips and secrets.

And in an article with the Irish Independent, she has shared what she eats and drinks each day. Ready to feel guilty/inspired? Here goes:


Rosanna says she always kick starts the day in the same way, despite how busy her schedule may be. “I always start with a glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice, and a glass of homemade green smoothie or fresh green juice,” she says.

Breakfast for the beauty might vary, but includes a chia pudding made with unsweetened almond milk, vanilla seeds and berries.

Rosanna loves green juice
Rosanna loves green juice


“I keep it simple, using whole foods and lots of colour,” Rosanna explains. She usually has something like a homemade butternut squash soup with pumpkin seeds and a kale and avocado salad – sounds pretty yum!


For her evening meal, the blonde tends to opt for something like a red lentil dahl or sweet potato with roast veggies and hummus. She says she tends to keep her meals small, as she tends to eat throughout the day. “I’m a grazer,” she says. “So I tend to eat five or six smaller meals a day.”

Her food looks SO good.
Her food looks SO good.


Of course, a massive part of Rosanna’s routine is also her exercise. “I usually work out six days a week, doing a mixture of weight training at Bodybyrne Fitness with a trainer, Pilates at Pilates Plus Dublin, and cardiovascular exercise,” she told the Irish Independent.

“You need to enjoy whatever type of exercise you do. Being so active, I need to eat well to fuel my body properly, and will usually make a protein smoothie or shake after a workout.”

Rosanna's bod is phenomenal
Rosanna’s bod is phenomenal


We all have ’em – but while our may be the aforementioned eclairs (or ten) Rosanna is much more controlled. “I do my best to totally avoid refined sugar, and I never really crave sugary foods. I’ll have some dark chocolate if I really fancy it,” she said.

For some tips on how to clean eat like the 31-year-old, head over to her site here.


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