How Does Lisa Cannon Avoid Becoming a Bridezilla? You Can Do It Too!

Because being a crazy bride is so NOT a good look.


Planning a wedding is no enviable task – Xpose’s Lisa Cannon recently told us that it is the “most stressful thing I have ever had to do.”

Although she says the engagement is the happiest she’s ever been, she also admitted it’s been the most chaotic period of her life.

“It’s all go – there’s always something else to do when you finish one thing,” she disclosed. “It’s madness! But I’m not a bridezilla yet, and I don’t plan to be either!”

Want to know how to follow in Lisa’s footsteps and avoid stepping into bridezilla territory? Look no further..

Know the signs…

The first step of beating the cray cray bride syndrome is owning it. You need to recognise your symptoms and run as fast as you can in the other direction – before your groom does!

Are you spending your parents into the poorhouse? Constantly angry and ready to throw a fit? Consumed by your wedding and unable to think of anything else? Have your bridesmaids de-friended you? Is noone taking your calls? Yeah….none of these are good indications.


The most important thing to do in the midst of all the stress and planning is to step back, chillax, stay calm and carry on.

Take a bubble bath, go for a drive and blast your favourite cheesy ’90s choons, visit an old friend for a coffee and a girly chat – these moments will take you away from the madness and back to your normal self, so you can tackle the next task like a rational human being.


Everyone around you is going to want to get their two cents in, and you will suddenly realise your entire family and group of friends are wedding experts – which can be either be a great help, or totally overwhelming. The best thing to do is to pay attention to what they have to say, take a deep breath and thank them for their advice.

Will someone think of the bridesmaids!?

Don’t make your bridesmaid party regret saying yes to you – and we don’t just mean by picking out tacky dresses so noone outshines you!

It’s a fine line to walk between keeping them busy enough that they feel helpful and you being demanding and overbearing. Sit down one night and work out all the jobs that need to be done, consider who could help you in which areas and then take a second look to make sure you’re not overloading them with tasks.

Don’t forget the fiance!

Probably most important is to take five with your hubby-to-be. Allow a time slot each day to just hang out and chat to one another – about topics strictly NON-wedding related.

Watch some Netflix, go for a meal, have a glass of wine together… whatever it takes to reconnect and remind you why you are planning the big day in the first place.


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