How to Banish Those Dreaded Dark Circles

Whether it's from lack of sleep or those pesky genetics, we're here to help with minimizing the dark circles of DOOM...


They’re the bane of many of our lives – those dreaded under-eye dark circles, that no matter how much you try, just refuse to go away.

Some of the main causes behind the formation of dark circles are heredity, aging, dry skin, prolonged crying, working for long hours in front of a computer, mental or physical stress, lack of sleep and an unhealthy diet.

Although it’s not a serious skin problem, they make us look tired, unhealthy and *gasp* older… Not good. Not good at all.

We put together ways on how to banish the unsightly shadows under your eyes and have you looking fresher in no time!

Preventatives – more sleep & hydration!

It might sound simple but it can go a loooong way. According to dermatologists, we can’t totally prevent dark under-eye circles, but we can minimize them. And the first step? Catch some more z’s! Next up, maybe pass on that extra glass of wine… too much alcohol will dehydrate you, in turn making your eyes puffier and your dark circles worse. Also, make sure your cleanser is super-hydrating & gentle, as drying ones can irritate the sensitive under-eye skin. We love Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Cleanser 150ml (€22.00).

Eye creams

Still need some TLC? No prob – there are a slew of topical treatments out there designed to tackle this problem area. But be careful… ingredients like retinoids, alpha hydroxy acids & Vitamin C can act as irritants. We recommend trying something like La Roche-Posay Redermic Eyes (€29.99).


It’s universally agreed by all dermatologists and make-up artists that you need a hardworking moisturising cream to ensure the eye area stays hydrated. Top tip – aim for a decent eye cream with plumping ingredients, like hyaluronic acid and glycerin. We like Dermalogica’s Age Reversal Eye Complex (€28.95 and €63.99)


To REALLY hide those circles, you gotta pick a good concealer. When covering blemishes, make sure you pick a product that matches your skin tone, but but rest results, get colour smart. For example, if you’re trying to cover a purple hue, use a yellow-toned concealer, if you have redness, a green-toned product will camouflage it, and for blueish under eye circles, use peach-coloured hues. Recommended: Stila Brighten And Correct Concealer (€23.50 )

Apply properly!

Of course, if you don’t know how to apply your concealer properly, then it’s not much use, is it!? Apply foundation first, and apply concealer by drawing a triangle with the base under your eye and the point toward your cheek.
This shape not only conceals dark circles, but it also instantly creates the illusion that your face is lifted. Think of it as holding a flashlight against your cheek, shining the light right underneath your eye, and drawing the focus upward. Ta-daaa!


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