How Nancy Ashmawy got through 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy

She's got some great advice for fellow adventurers.

They're like two peas in a pod
They’re like two peas in a pod

Nancy Ashmawy has won over the nation following her bravery on 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy, and now the Dubliner has revealed just how she’s managed to get through the past three series.

The former nurse has been put through her paces and did things over the past couple of years that most people wouldn’t even dream of attempting, but Nancy proves that age is simply a number when it comes to having these fun adventures.

Despite Baz trying to kill her almost 170 times, Nancy is a force to be reckoned with, and won’t let bungee jumps, aerial adventures or Cambodian road trips stop her in her tracks.

While on The Today Show with Daithi and Maura, Nancy revealed her top tip on getting through the scary situations, admitting that you just have to put the feat to the back of your mind.

“Don’t focus too much on it,” she says. “Just get on with it!”

The two adventurers
The two adventurers

Nancy and Baz just wrapped filming on the latest series, and while you’d traveling the globe and doing crazy stunts would take it’s toll on you, Nancy admits she’s doing just fine.

“Ah, I’m okay now. I feel great, but I do get a bit tired after shooting the show, so I always make sure to have a good rest then,” she said.

You can catch the show Monday evenings at 9pm on Sky One.

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