How cute! Niall Horan reveals his very-normal plans for One Direction’s break

The Mullingar singer is just like every lad his age.

niall horan
Niall can’t wait for a break!

He’s travelled the world and been pursued by legions of screaming girls for years, but Niall Horan has admitted he’s looking forward to some down-time when One Direction take their upcoming break.

The Mullingar singer has revealed what he’ll be getting up to when the group take some time off, confirming his status as the most normal guy in pop.

Chatting to his pal Eoghan McDermott on his 2FM show, the 22-year-old said he’ll be spending his “holiday” by going to the gym, writing songs and doing a road trip around Ireland with friends.

Niall told Eoghan that after such a crazy five years with the band, he can’t wait to enjoy ‘the simple things’.

“[I’m looking forward to] a few little excursions along the west coast of Ireland, we’ve been hamming it out for five years, sometimes when you stop you think ‘wow’,” he said.

“This is a good time [for a break]. It’s good to stop, take a break and come back to it in a year’s time. It’ll be the simple things like going home a bit more, seeing everyone I hadn’t seen in a while.”

niall horan
Niall prefers pints with the lads to showbiz events

He continued: “I’d like to do a bit of travelling, the places I haven’t seen properly. I’d love to rent a cottage somewhere in Ireland, or get a caravan.

“By the end of next year… I’d like to be a low single figure in golf and in better shape, working out. I’ll probably spend most of the year writing for the next album too.”

Niall said he and his band members “don’t know how long this break will be for”:

“It could be that in six months, we’ll just say ‘we ready to go again? Five albums in five years… I’d like to think I deserve a holiday,” he laughed.

The singer was also asked about the controversial last-minute concert cancellation in Belfast on Tuesday, but refused to get into details about what happened – it’s been alleged that Liam Payne had a “breakdown” backstage.

Niall opened up to Eoghan McDermott for 2FM
Niall opened up to Eoghan McDermott for 2FM

“[Liam was] unable to perform, that’s all I will say,” he said.

During the interview, Niall divulged how he shuns the celebrity lifestyle and much prefers heading to his local pub for a “few pints”.

“I was home for a few days before the gigs in Dublin, we go out to the same pubs, with the same lads, I had a few pints with my father, just sitting in the corner of a pub drinking with my dad, it was a nice humbling experience,” he said.

Listen to the full podcast here:

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