Holly Carpenter’s Tips for your Bedtime Regime

How does a top model like Holly wind down before bed? Read on to find out...

Admit it – do you sometimes think ‘feck it’ late at night and reach for a make up remover wipe to take off your slap before hitting the hay?

We’ve all done it, and although there isn’t much harm in taking the lazy gal option every now & then, your skin will thank you for adopting a proper night-time beauty regime.

We love model Holly Carpenter’s top tips from her site


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Drink tea!

…but make sure its of the herbal kind. Holly says she usually has some chamomile tea before bed to help her sleep, but is a big fan right now of ‘Miss Fit Skinny Tea 14 Day Teatox’.

Hydrate yo’ skin

In terms of skincare, Holly recommends Trilogy rosehip oil. “After I have cleansed my face I pat my skin with two or three drops of oil (as you can imagine one bottle goes a long way) then I moisturize,” she says. “This oil really hydrates your skin and is great for evening your skin tone too.”

Puffy eyes no more!

Hate the bags under your eyes? Try Benefit’s ‘Puff Off’ eye gel – according to Holly, she saw a huge improvement after just one week of use.

Foot rub!

The ex-Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model contestant says she loves to have a shower at night before rubbing Green Angel cream on her feet – “It’s the best feeling in the world after a day in heels,” she insists.

She tops it off by slipping into a pair of fluffy socks. Bliss.

Minty fresh

For brushing your pearly whites, the brunette beauty uses Perfect White toothpaste by Beverly Hills Formula. She says that not only has her smile brightened but her mouth feels mintier for longer…result!


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