Holly Carpenter opens up about being a role model to young girls: ‘I have a responsibility to be honest with them’

She wants to remain relatable on social media.

Holly gets real!
Holly gets real!

Holly Carpenter has become quite a role-model to young people on social media, and earlier in the week she posted one of the most relatable Instagram pics we’ve come across in a long time – a before and after shot of her Halloween night.

She proved that despite being a top model, she’s pretty much the exact same as any regular girl out there first thing on a Sunday morning, and for that, we salut her!


Holly has since come out and said that she wants to remain as relatable as possible to young people who follow her on social media, as she feels as if she has a responsibility towards them.

“I’m a self-confessed social media addict and Instagram is definitely my favourite app. I have a lot of young girls who follow me and I feel I have a responsibility to be honest with them,” she said in her column in The Sun.

“I feel like it would be wrong of me to put up a photo of myself that I have edited and filtered and then say I was wearing no make-up.

Holly and Thalia go for the bare faced look
Holly and Thalia go for the bare faced look

“Then girls would look at themselves and think, ‘why doesn’t my skin look like that without any make-up? She looks perfect without even trying’, which wouldn’t be true,” she said.

The top model continued, “Honestly, I think I get the best reaction when I put up silly photos of myself wearing no make-up playing with my dogs because it’s relatable.”

Holly and her doggy!
Holly and her doggy!

Speaking recently to VIP, she revealed that she too feels insecure about her looks sometimes, admitting that she’s “paranoid” that if she were to “meet someone in person, they might think, ‘Oh, she’s not that good looking in person.’”

We don’t think she’s got anything to worry about there, but it’s nice to know she has the same confidence issues as the rest of us!

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