Holly Carpenter: “I’ve gone to the Gardai over fake naked online photos”

The model has opened up about her 'catfish' ordeal

The account which has been impersonating Holly online
The account which has been impersonating Holly online

Top model Holly Carpenter has revealed she has taken her latest online impersonation scare one step further by reporting the culprit to the Gardai.

Holly was stunned to realise that a stranger had been pretending to be her on the internet, and although it wasn’t the first time it happened to the Assets beauty, she says this time things were far more serious.

The 23-year-old explained that she first found out something was going on when she realised someone had taken her pictures and used her name to create a fake account on dating app Tinder.

“I got a mail on Facebook from a guy I didn’t know. He messaged me a few times and after I didn’t reply he said ‘how come you’ll talk to me on Tinder but not on Facebook?’” she said.

“I replied and told him that I wasn’t on Tinder and he said that he had been talking to me for months on it and he had been texting me as well.”

Holly was understandably horrified at the creepy realisation
Holly was understandably horrified at the creepy realisation

From this conversation, Holly was sent the imposter’s number and then discovered they were using her identity on messaging app WhatsApp also.

“He sent me the number, and the person is using my name and picture for their WhatsApp profile as well, so it looks like it’s me that people are texting,” she said. “He had been messaging them for months and they were saying God knows what.”

As if that wasn’t frightening enough for the former Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model star, she then found out fake naked photos were being sent around.

Holly header
Holly has taken the incident very seriously – as she should have


“A girl I’m friends with on Facebook messaged me to say someone was texting her pretending to be me,” she told The Herald.

“I don’t know if it was the same person, but they were messaging her saying that I wanted to get a boob job and to send pictures of hers that I could show them to a surgeon.”

“When she said no, they sent a picture back where  they had photoshopped my head on to a topless picture. The thought that things like this were going around and people could think it was me was the final straw.”

This prompted Holly to go to the Gardai and report what had taken place: “They were ringing me in the middle of the night and sending me constant messages, I ended up going to the Gardai – I was so freaked out.”

Holly previously spoke out about being impersonated on Tinder and Plenty Of Fish. “It’s really creepy how easy it is for people to impersonate you. They could make anything up!” she said back in March.



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