Here’s what you can expect from tonight’s episode of RTE’s Can’t Cope Won’t Cope

Oh God, the awkwardness!


Can't Cope Won't Cope continues tonight
Can’t Cope Won’t Cope continues tonight


Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope continues tonight and after what we saw on last week’s episode, we’re very excited to see what kind of mischief Aisling and Danielle get up to tonight.

The hilarious comedic drama centres on two young Cork women who live together and work in Dublin. Living life in the fast lane- drinking, shifting, hangovers and then heading to work the next day is their daily routine, and it gets them into all sorts of hilarious situations.

Tonight we see Aisling as she can’t help herself at the an important business dinner and the results leave her skating on thin ice. Danielle’s attempts to help also don’t quite go according to plan.

Tonight things don't go according to plan.
Tonight things don’t go according to plan.


Aisling’s work are hosting their most important clients in Dublin. When the team take the clients for a business dinner, Aisling’s plans to stay sober go awry when Lorcan starts buying her drinks to charm her.

Loose lipped from the tequila, Aisling skates on thin ice with her American client and calls Danielle to come and save her but she only makes matters worse.


Can’t Cope Won’t Cope airs tonight at 10pm on RTE 2.


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