Hector O’hEochagain waves the white flag in Miriam O’Callaghan spat

The radio presenter has apologised for insulting the Primetime star over the weekend

Hector says sorry to Miriam O’Callaghan

Today FM presenter Hector O’hEochagain raised some eyebrows at the weekend when he lashed out at Primetime host Miriam O’Callaghan – but he has now apologised and put it down to “a moment of madness”.

The radio personality slagged off the RTE star during an interview with Brendan O’Connor on The Saturday Night Show, claiming that Miriam “talks s***e”.

When asked about being perceived as an extrovert when he started out, Hector said he had calmed down in the last while.

“I’m not leaping around the place the whole time, I’m not,” he said.

He added: “You don’t leap around the place if you’re on after the nine o’clock news on RTE One. You’re either Miriam O’Callaghan talking shite or another one trying to imitate Miriam O’Callaghan.”

But Hector has now waved the white flag with Miriam, despite the mother-of-eight insisting she wasn’t bothered by the DJ slating her.

Miriam has said she wasn't bothered by the slagging!
Miriam has said she wasn’t bothered by the slagging!

“I don’t know what happened to me,” he admitted today. “There was a little man on my shoulder, there was a little man in my head!”

Speaking to Anton Savage on Today FM, Hector said: “There’s been a bit of a mountain out of a molehill about the comments I made. But I want to officially apologise to Miriam O’Callaghan for saying she talks s***e.

“She far from talks shite. A lot of people tune in to Miriam and she’s a great broadcaster.”

The axed 2FM presenter said he got caught up in the live tv show and only realised what he said afterwards.

“I regret what I said. It was a moment of mad tv. It was live tv, you say something wrong, so be it. But I apologise to Miriam,” he commented.

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