Heading off on holidays? Here’s how to stay healthy, according to Roz Purcell

The foodie model has shared her wisdom!

Roz has some healthy tips for holidaying
Roz has some healthy tips for holidaying

We all know how easy it is to slip into bad habits while we’re on our holliers – although we’ve been trying to stick to ‘clean eating’ at home, while you’re in a foreign country it seems that the calories don’t count. That is until you realise your itsy bitsy bikini has suddenly become very teenie weenie…

Top model and foodie Roz Purcell has shared her advice on how to stay healthy on holidays over on her blog Natural Born Feeder. Here’s her top five tips.


If you’re off for a day exploring a new city, going on an empty stomach is a big no-no. But even if you’re planning to laze on the beach all day, you still need to eat something before leaving the house. As Roz says, “Your body needs the fuel and reboots your metabolism after the overnight fast.” Even grab a banana and some greek yoghurt, whatever it takes to give you a burst of energy to last you until lunch!


Don’t give into laziness and order taxis to get around – choose to walk or cycle. “It’s a great way to get your bearings and see more of the city,” the model says.

The model shared her wisdom on her blog
The model shared her wisdom on her blog


It’s a seriously good idea to have some healthy snacks packed away for the day, so you can avoid picking up bags of crisps and bars of chocolate when the hunger pangs strike. What does Roz pack? Protein bars (R-bars), nuts and seeds. “Protein bars are available in most supermarkets and healthy food stores so should be easy to pick up!” she says. “Just make you check the sugar levels in protien bars, some can be quite high!”


It’s easy to opt for sugar-filled juices and fizzy drinks – not to mention cocktails! – but water really is the best way to keep you hydrated in the sun.

Roz's tips are so easy to use!
Roz’s tips are so easy to use!


Eating out late is a bad idea, so try and make an early booking for dinner. “If travelling in groups try to plan dinners early so your not going to bed on a full stomach, disrupting your sleep and making you feel sluggish the next morning,” Roz says.


Have an exercise routine at home? Don’t abandon it just because you’re away! “Most gyms offer daily passes or do your own hotel workout (check out my blog on staying active with a simple hotel workout that requires no equipment and little space)” Roz advises. “Try go early in the morning as your more likely to skip it as the day goes on.”


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