Greg O’Shea on joining The Six O’Clock Show: “It has been a shock to the system”

Greg O Shea and Karen Koster Pic: Brian McEvoy

Greg O’Shea landed the job of his dreams when he was made a full time presenter on The Six O’Clock Show on Virgin Media.

Speaking to VIP Magazine at the station’s spring launch he jokes that joining the show was a “shock to the system”.

”It has been a shock to the system. They’ve put manners on me,” he laughs.

”It’s thrown me back to a year ago when I was playing rugby and I have to have a routine and I have people to answer to. It’s exactly what I want to be doing. It’s my new passion. I’ve been working on it for the past three years.”

Greg O Shea and Karen Koster Pic: Brian McEvoy

He admitted that he got so many “incredible opportunities” after winning Love Island. It was during this time that he realised that he loved presenting.

“I get an adrenaline buzz off it similar to playing sports. I love it, every day I come off the show in such a good mood. I learn so much from Karen Koster. She is the best in the biz. It’s good craic,“ he enthuses.

As for the moment that he got the call offering him the gig, he admits that he definitely wasn;t just one call.

“It was back and forth for ages with calls from the powers that be in Virgin Media. I was in and out for the past three years. When I finally got the contract across the line it was an absolute buzz because I knew it was going to be the next chapter in my life.“

Greg O Shea Pic: Brian McEvoy

He admits that it’s “been a long journey” but it was something that he was incredibly passionate about.

So did he manifest it?

“Three years ago I would have been like that manifesting stuff is wishy-washy. But there are so many successful people who believe in it. There has to be something there. I started doing it for a couple months and things started happening.

“I was like ‘Oh something’s going on here.’ I don’t know if it is manifestation or if it is that I set my mind to it. I sent those emails, I made those calls. I definitely focused on the three pillars of my life, my family and friends, presenting and my fitness app. Maybe it’s manifesting in a very focused format.”

Catch Greg O’Shea on The Six O’Clock Show Monday to Friday on Virgin Media One

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