Graham’s prep for the BAFTAs!? A cheeky glass of vino…

He's a man after our own hearts...

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Graham likes to relax with a glass of wine… we hear ya!


We’ve all reached for a glass of wine to calm the nerves on the eve of a first date.

But Graham Norton has revealed it’s his favourite way to prepare for hosting glamorous awards show that are attended by A-list stars.

Our favourite chatshow host is currently gearing up to present the BAFTAs for the 9th time and has admitted his way of relaxing backstage is indulging in a cheeky glass of vino.

”I brush my teeth – I think that’s good. And I normally have a glass of wine. I mean, if there is no wine then I can’t have it, but in an ideal world I’d have a glass of wine,” he said.

Graham is a man after our own hearts!
Graham is a man after our own hearts!


“It takes the edge off, and also it’s just … I like wine! I can see how Mariah Carey ends up with a basket of kittens, because somebody said, ‘What would you like?’ And she finally got to a basket of kittens,” he told Digital Spy.

Despite hosting the ceremony nine times, the BBC star, who regularly interviews mega stars like Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro, revealed he still gets nervous.

”This one I do get nervous about, because the audience isn’t a normal audience. It’s not just the famous people,” he said.

“The famous people are off-putting enough, but then the rest of it is executives and directors and people who are just bored out of their minds. There’s no excitement for them.”


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