Glenda Gilson shares her reasons for returning to work so fast after her first baby

Glenda Gilson has shared her reasons for returning to work so fast after her first baby. When she had Bobby in 2018, her first child, she returned to work just over a week later.

Sharing this in an interview with The Irish Mirror she said; “I was back in work eight days after giving birth to Bobby and I really had no choice there.”

“Well I did have a choice, of course I had a choice, but the alternative was to give the gig to somebody else and sit on my maternity leave and watch someone else on the show.”

Glenda Gilson, Rob MacNaughton
Glenda Gilson, Rob MacNaughton

Glenda reveals; “that would have hurt,” and that she “would get my makeup on and I made sure I was there.”

“I got myself there and I had the help of my husband and my mother and that afforded me to be able to go back to work.”

Now Glenda and her husband, Rob Rob MacNaughton are expecting their second baby and thankfully the presenter is planning on taking more time off this time!

Will it be the full six months though?  “I don’t know, it is obviously different with your first baby and we are in a totally different situation this time around.”

“I don’t think time anyone knows what is coming down the tracks.”

Glenda Gilson

At the moment, the presenter is counting down the days until her second child arrives.

While on the Six O’Clock Show, Glenda told host Martin King, “I’m at the end of my tether at this stage.

“It’s the longest pregnancy in the world, well, it feels like it to me. Nearly there, Martin. Just a couple of weeks left.”

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