Georgie Crawford shares how her husband, Jamie’s MS diagnosis helped him support her through her cancer journey

Georgie Crawford
Pic: Lili Forberg for VIP Magazine

Georgie Crawford has opened up about how her husband, Jamie’s MS diagnosis helped him know how best to support her when she was diagnosed with cancer. In May of 2020 the wellness advocate and podcast host shared that Jamie had been battling the illness for the previous eight years.

In a touching post at the time she shared the news on Multiple Sclerosis Day saying;  “He made the decision to only tell family and close friends and I wholeheartedly respected his decision. He always said he would tell his story one day when he was ready and now the time has come.”

As a CEO of two media companies Jamie shared that he was reluctant to make the news public knowledge as “I didn’t want people to feel sorry for me, I felt a bit embarrassed & ashamed because I thought it made me look weak.”

Georgie Crawford
Pic: Lili Forberg for VIP Magazine

We caught up with Georgie and Jamie for the new issue of VIP Magazine and she spoke about Jamie’s decision to finally share his own story; “For many years it was something that he kept to himself and his immediate family, and he did go through a dark time, but equally I would see him out running and doing all these challenges and I knew people – especially those diagnosed with MS – would really benefit from hearing his story.”

“Then one night we were lying in bed after we’d had two very close friends over and he said, “I nearly told them tonight”, and I sat up in the bed because I had been just so used to never talking about it and keeping this big secret. The next day we talked about it again and he said, “I’ll tell my story on The Good Glow”. I’m so proud he did.”

Georgie Crawford
Pic: Lili Forberg for VIP Magazine

Continuing, Georgie shared that his own illness gave him the resilience and strength to support her when she was later diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of just 32. Speaking exclusively with VIP she said; “I remember one night while watching tv he said to me, “You know you’re not going to feel like this forever”. I said, “Jamie, are you crazy? I’ll never be the same again, I’ll never laugh the same way again. I’ll never be happy like I was, my life as I knew it is over”.

“And he said, I promise you will feel the same again and I promise you life will get back to normal And although I didn’t feel it at the time, I believed him. I trusted that those moments would come back and they did – better than before.’”

To read our full interview with Georgie pick up the brand new issue of VIP Magazine on shelves now!

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