Jedward rally behind former Ryanair flight attendant!

The pair have been sending their condolences to Karolina Jabczuga, who lost her job after asking them for an autograph.

Jedward's fan has found herself in hot water
Jedward’s fan has found herself in hot water

A Ryanair flight attendant who resigned from her job after being accused of harassing Jedward for an autograph, and then sued the company for constructive dismissal, has received support from an unlikely quarter – Jedward themselves!

The air hostess, Karolina Jabczuga, lost her case in court yesterday against her former employers, after she broke company rules which prohibit staff from asking celebrities for autographs while at work. John and Edward Grimes, however, have spoken out and said they never complained about her, and don’t agree with what has happened.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, John said, “We didn’t complain about Karolina and we don’t have a problem signing stuff for fans. We’re always delighted to meet fans.”

The twins don't have a problem with fans approaching them
The twins don’t have a problem with fans approaching them

This week, the Employment Appeals Tribunal heard that she was on a flight from Dublin to Manchester in 2009 when she approached the twins for an autograph mid-flight, and she was told not to “harass” the twins again. However. when she witnessed co-workers doing the same thing two years later, who were not then given the same warning that she was, she complained to management.

She resigned in 2012, and claimed she has suffered “discrimination, bullying and harassment in the workplace.”

She still has the support of the Grimes twins, however, as Edward said, “We send our love to Karolina. We are thinking of her.”

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