Five tips to breathe some new life into your wardrobe

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We all want to feel great in the clothes we wear. But we don’t want to be burning a hole in our wallets or our planet.

You can breathe some new life into the clothes you already have and find some forgotten gems in your wardrobe. And if you want to add some new pieces opt for vintage pieces or sustainable Irish designers.

We spoke to fashion creative Rebecca Ewnetu to find out her tips on falling back in love with your clothes.

What are three staples that you need to have in your wardrobe? 

A statement pair of jeans, a plain white or black tank top and a reliable jacket are must-haves that everyone needs in their closets! With just the right pair of jeans, you can transform your outfit into a completely different vibe, from either bootcut jeans for that Southern cowboy look to denim flares for that glam 70s popstar look. My favourite pair of jeans are these straight-leg bootcut jeans which I thrifted almost 5 years ago for just 2 euro. The best part is they have the word ‘sicko’ emblazoned across the back, one of my most prized possessions as you can imagine! These jeans hold the power to spice up the most tame of outfits, making denim a highly favoured piece in my closet.

A plain white or black tank doesn’t sound the most enticing but they definitely shouldn’t be undermined as a staple piece in the wardrobe. A simple tank can be worn underneath a cropped tee for layering purposes for a 2000s look, or just worn underneath a vibrant track jacket too for a more snug and sporty feel. It’s important to have some plain minimalist pieces incorporated into your outfits to balance things out!

A reliable jacket is the most reasonable must-have for your closet considering we are of course in Ireland! There’s no better way to style it up when it’s grim out, other than to wear a good old oversized puffer which is definitely up there for me in the jacket and overcoat realm. I’d recommend Depop for some good-quality affordable puffers. Happy shopping!!

We’re moving into autumn, what trends should we keep an eye on? 

I’ve noticed a surge in the popularity of knitwear and crochet pieces, especially now as we head towards the Autumn season. It’s only right that we prepare ourselves by stocking up on snug and comfy pieces for layering as the weather gets drearier. Crochet shrugs are the perfect Autumn piece and can be worn with almost any outfit. Rud is my favourite crochet brand at the moment and to make it even better, it’s Irish!

Seeking Judy based in Georges Arcade in the heart of Dublin, is another homegrown Irish brand with the most amazing knitted sweaters. Most Seeking Judy knits are oversized and cool-toned, and also made from merino wool which boasts the highest quality. This brand is definitely a favourite of mine and it’s perfect for Autumn attire!

Statement scarves, specifically football scarves, are also not to be undermined as a trend we should look out for. The rising ‘blokecore’ trend has swiftly taken over the fashion world with most people now casually rocking football jerseys, parachute pants and track jackets. There’s no better way to liven up your Autumn fits, other than with a dynamic funky sports scarf, which surprise surprise, Seeking Judy also sells!

You mentioned Irish brands, what other Irish designers should we be keeping an eye on? 

Rud by Sarah Rud and Seeking Judy by Megan McGuigan are definite contenders for my most favourite Irish designers/brands. I’ve recently fallen in love with Rashhiiid by Rachel Maguire, which is growing quite popular on a global scale! Maguire handcrafts bespoke luxury faux fur hats in her home studio which she has sold to customers such as Doja Cat, Vanessa Hudgens and Megan Fox. She also crafts faux fur boots too which are up there on my wishlist, if anyone’s feeling generous!

Laoise Carey has caught my eye recently too, with her abundant use of lace, pastel colours, satin and frills. Laoise’s designs are geared towards a kind of feminine, Spring/ Summer cottage core aesthetic. She’s definitely one to watch out for in the Irish fashion scene!


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We all have jampacked wardrobes. How can we fall in love with what is already in them?

Don’t be scared to chop up your clothes! I’m a fiend for cropping up to half my closet with my most loyal companion, my fabric scissors. When you find yourself getting tired of your clothes, it’s only right to alter or adjust them to create something completely new and increase their wear! Jeans can be turned into three-quarters, jorts or a mini-skirt with just a few snips and no sewing machine.

If you have trouble reworking your pieces, Irish designer Ailbhe Behan (@ssourmilkmarket on Instagram) can help you out! Ailbhe’s known for reworking old and unworn pieces into outgoing rave and party wear! If you’re feeling quite un-creative, there’s always someone else to help!

What advice would you give someone who doesn’t feel comfortable in their clothes?

Definitely wear what makes you feel most comfortable and don’t listen to other’s opinions on what you want to wear! Don’t feel pressured to purchase fashion items you think are just ‘nice’ and invest in statement pieces you love. You’ll find that your style will improve and you’ll fall even more in love with the pieces you own. I also found that unfollowing most fashion influencers helped me to develop my own sense of style as I had fewer people to look to for inspiration. It leaves you to be creative and come up with your own outfits! I’ve come to be confident in my style and with my outfits through doing all this and I hope it’ll help you too!

Rebecca Ewnetu was speaking to VIP Magazine ahead of the Jameson Connects: The Circle at All Together Now, Jameson’s latest collaboration with iconic workwear brand, Dickies


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