First Dates waiter Pete Ungless opened up about his engagement announcement with fiancée Megan

Pete Ungless
Pic: Pete Ungless/Instagram

The last episode of First Dates offered fans an extra treat as the end segment where it is revealed if the couples actually met up for their second date. During the segment, it was announced that waiter Pete Ungless had proposed to long-term girlfriend Megan.

But while the episode aired at the beginning of March, Peter revealed to extra.ie, they had actually gotten engaged quite a while earlier. Explaining; “It’s been brilliant, we actually got engaged on September 9 and with the way the show came out, people only found out.”

“We’re on cloud nine and it was a really nice touch for COCO (First Dates production company) and RTE to let viewers know. We got some really nice messages it was amazing.”

He revealed it was actually the show’s idea to announce the engagement that way; “They came to me beforehand and say ‘listen we’re going to pop this at the end of the episode, can you send pictures beforehand?’ It was really nicely done rather than saying, ‘we just slapped it on, we didn’t think to tell you and we used photos where you looked awful,’ it was very well done.”

Peter did find sharing his personal life a bit strange but felt the engagement fit well with the love theme of the show, saying; “I’m a pretty private person, it wouldn’t be something I’d actually do, to talk about my relationship or really anything about myself outside of the show.”

“When it’s something so nice or special like an engagement it seemed to fit really well as we’re on a show about love.”

You’ll never guess who the narrator is?

And while he enjoys working on a show about love, Peter couldn’t see himself actually participating on it. Explaining, “I personally wouldn’t have the nerve or balls to go on the show. I think anybody who goes on the show is incredibly brave. I really wouldn’t put my name down for the show if I was still single.”

Luckily he won’t have to as he has already found his perfect partner. Opening up about his relationship with Megan, Peter shared they hadn’t started planning the big day yet but are enjoying being engaged.

As for how Peter ended up on the show, it was all thanks to a chance encounter. As he explained; “I was managing a restaurant at the time and I was doing my usual thing, Robert Lannigan (a producer) was in for dinner. I didn’t really have an amazing conversation with him, I just served him like anyone else.

At the end of it he came to be with his card and said ‘I think you’d be perfect for the show.’ I went on to have a quick chat with the producers and they offered me the role. I never really thought anything further than doing one series.

Obviously the show is a massive success and that’s a credit to everyone being the scenes. All the staff, they’re incredible. I’m just grateful to be invited back every year.”

Words by Slaine McKenna

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