“Feeling a little numb” Joanne Larby opens up about difficult year

The Makeup Fairy recently moved back to Ireland.

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Joanne Larby has opened up about Christmas following a difficult year.

The blogger went through a break-up which saw her move home to Ireland from London just weeks are moving over to be with boyfriend Paul Strandell.

She shared a post on Instagram in which she reflected on the year she’s had and got honest about her feelings.

The Dubliner, who goes by The Makeup Fairy revealed she wasn’t looking forward to the festive season and she is feeling numb.

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“This Christmas is going to be a lot different than I expected,” she said.

“Instead of spending it in my new London apartment in London I’m home. Work is busier than ever and for so many reasons my heart belongs in Ireland. But it’s not easy; life is a balancing act and it rarely all works out at the same time. You must listen to your heart and make decisions with a mixture of strength and courage even if it they take every ounce of energy in you.”

The blogger revealed that although she usually likes Christmas, she is not excited for it this year.

“I usually live for this time of year but I find myself feeling a little numb to it all. I just wanted to reach out and say that it’s ok not to be ok as the year ends. Not everyone feels happy, not everyone is healthy, and not everything is how you thought it would be. Trust in the timing of your life and keep the fire in your belly for the New Year and make sure you’re a shoulder to cry on for those that struggle with the silly season,”

She added:  “Fortune favours the brave and karma always repays those who suffer in silence. Dignity, integrity and kindness will always win even if you feel hard done by.”

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