Fans are going to EXTREME lengths to ensure Daniel O’Donnell’s Strictly success

We’re loving their dedication!

He's got some SERIOUSLY dedicated fans
He’s got some SERIOUSLY dedicated fans

Despite the Irish not being able to vote for contestants on Strictly Come Dancing, Daniel O’Donnell has nothing to worry about as his dedicated fans have come up with a plan.

The crooner’s loyal fanbase has decided to go to the extremes to ensure his success on the show, by sending money to friends and family in the UK to vote for Daniel and Kristina.

He knows exactly what his fans are planning to do, and appreciates their dedication.

Speaking to the Irish Daily Star, he said, “I have heard that and it shows true dedication. It really does show the lengths people are going to back me.”

Daniel is trying hard to master his moves
Daniel is trying hard to master his moves

He continued, “Some people would have known me and known what I do but others have never heard of me and it’s great to meet new people.”

While he appears to have nothing to worry about on the voting front, that’s not the case for the rest of his Strictly experience. Daniel knows he’s performing this weekend, but that’s as far as his understanding goes. The star has been left in the dark about a lot of key issues for the first main live show, and is starting to worry.

“I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. I don’t even know which night I’m on. I don’t know what song I’m dancing to and I don’t even know what I’ll be wearing,” he admitted.

We’re sure Kristina has it all under control, don’t stress too much, Daniel!

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