EXCLUSIVE! You’ll never guess which Hollywood A-lister asked Ruth O’Neill on a date

The former E! news reporter met the actor at one of the glam showbiz parties in LA

Ruth gets candid with VIP this month. All pics by Lily Forberg
Ruth gets candid with VIP this month. All pics by Lili Forberg

She recently returned from her glamorous life in LA as a reporter for E! news, and Dubliner Ruth O’Neill has admitted to VIP that she caught the attention of a super famous actor during her time there.

Ruth features in an exclusive photoshoot and interview with us in this month’s magazine, out in shops tomorrow, in which she spills the beans on all the crazy ongoings of her life in America.

One such surreal experience for the 27-year-old was getting chatted up by Oscar nominee Benedict Cumberbatch at one of the many glitzy showbiz parties she attended for work.

When asked if any famous faces asked her out during her time in the US, Ruth admitted “a few” celebrities fell for her Irish charms.

“Actually a funny one who did ask me out a few years ago was Benedict Cumberbatch!” she admitted. “I met him at a friend’s birthday and we chatted away for the night. He was really cool and interesting and smart, but we never did end up on our date! My friends got a laugh out of that one!”

Life in LA was not all it seems, she says
Life in LA was not all it seems, she says

Ruth told us that dating over in LA was not enjoyable, and she much prefers Irish guys – even if they aren’t as forward. “There’s a lot to be said for having the same references from your childhood as someone,” she said. “You can’t fault an American man on his enthusiasm though, they’re a lot more into impressing you.”

In fact, the tv star described the dating scene across the pond as “tiring”. “I only had one serious boyfriend over there who was also Irish, and it didn’t end great,” she said. “There are two reasons the dating scene isn’t fantastic. Firstly, everyone’s priority is work, so that’s mainly what they’re thinking and talking about.

“Secondly, there are so many good looking people that it’s like men are waiting for someone better around the corner. They also date about five people at the same time! It’s hard to know where you stand.”

Ruth looks so stunning in her VIP shoot
Ruth looks so stunning in her VIP shoot

Ruth divulged all the incredible details of her exciting American life, including going to spinning classes with Charlize Theron, interviewing Kate Hudson and getting invites to Oscar parties.

Make sure to pick up VIP Magazine tomorrow to read about the former model’s explanation as to why she left the “perfect job” behind her and what her career plans are for the future.


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