Exclusive: Pic of Rosanna’s husband Wes used to promote online dating site!

A photograph of Wes taken four years ago is currently being used by UK based dating site badoo.com. Neither Wes nor Rosanna is amused!

Rosanna and Wes on their wedding day in 2014.


A Tinder-type dating app, badoo, is currently advertising its services in Ireland via social media, asking members to rate and find “boys you’ve bumped into in real life.” And to encourage people to join the site, the company are using a picture of Rosanna Davison’s husband, Wesley Quirke!

badoo insta
Wes pictured on the badoo app today!!


The pic was taken four years ago at the launch of an album by Wes’ brother, Andy Quirke, of Damo and Ivor fame. The launch of Andy’s album Epic Choons took place in Dublin 4 nightclub Vanilla, and Wes was one of the guests who was photographed on the night. The dating site, however, which was launched in 2006, seems to have taken the photograph, which is easily available online, and claimed that he is someone they bumped into in Leicester Square, London in the recent past, as an example of a typical member of the site.

Having posted the picture, members are then asked to either like or reject Wes, presumably with a view to setting up a date. It is unclear whether the owners of the site know who Wesley is, and how easily recognisable he would be in this country, but what is certain is that the ad is not accurate, as Wes wasn’t in London yesterday, and the photo in question was taken 4 years ago in Dublin!

Wes tweet
Wes’ instagram post on Monday


Wes and Rosanna are currently holidaying in Mauritius with her family, and on Monday he posted an photograph of him being stopped by Mauritian police for apparently speeding, trying to find the humour in the situation. We are quite sure, however, that he does not find badoo’s use of his image without his permission so amusing.

When contacted about the use of Wes’ photograph, Rosanna exclusively told VIP: “We’ve known about this for the past 3 or 4 months They’re using the photo, which was taken at a launch party, without his consent.”

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