EXCLUSIVE: Irish stars share their favourite memories of their dads

These are so sweet.

So as it’s Father’s Day, we thought it’d be only fitting to catch up with a few Irish stars and find out what their favourite memories are with their dads.

Glenda Gilson

glenda and dad
“I get on like a house on fire with my father. I’m the only girl in the house, so I would be regarded as daddy’s girl. I always remember as a kid, sitting on the wall outside waiting for my dad. He’d come in at 6 o’clock and I’d probably have been driving my mother mad in the house all day. I’d go outside and sit on the wall and wait for him to come home. He’s always in good humour and very happy. He’s an optimist. If there’s anything going on and you tell him the problem, he’ll fix it for you. I get on so well with him. I’ve lots of memory and lots more to make. It’s so funny, you stop looking at your folks as your parents, and more now as just human beings. That only dawned on me when I was about 28,” she said.

Peter O’Riordan

It's an exciting time for Peter  Pic: Naomi Gaffey

“As far as memories go, there are so many to mention but one that sticks out, was when I was seven years old. We were not wealthy buy any stretch of the imagination, both my parents worked countless hours to provide, but I’ll never forget the day my dad handed me a brochure for Orlando. I remeber him saying something along the lines of “would you like to go?” And me waiting for the inevitable “we’ll see”, but instead he simply said “well it’s booked so you better be ready for Disneyland.” I’ll never forget the excitement and feeling of elation and only now as a parent can I comprehend and appreciate the sacrifice and hard word it took to provide that trip. Just one of many great memories and him doing without for his son. Love you dad,” he said.

Lisa Cannon

lisa cannon dad
“It was my birthday recently and we always go out for food. My dad always writes a piece, maybe seven or eight pages of descriptive writing about my whole year. It’d be like, what happened in that year – so, we got married and the wedding, then the juxtapose of the passing of my grandmother, the coming year ahead and what that’ll bring. It’s always really, really funny, but really heartfelt. He always finishes up with something wonderful that’ll make me feel great. I love them and keep every single one. We’re very close. Also, we’ve travelled to Rome, and he’d come to see me in America when I was living there. He introduced me to movies and we’d go see one every Friday night. He’d come to all my hockey practises, and he was just my total rock. I’m taking him away this summer. We’re going to London for a few days. We’re going to hang out, catch some movies and chill out,” she said.

Lucy Kennedy

Guests attend The IFTA Awards 2015

“I’m extremely close to my dad and always have been, so I have lots of wonderful memories that we’ve shared together. But one memory which will always make me smile was when I presented a six week chat show for RTE 2, nine years ago. I begged dad to play the piano on the show as he’s an unbelievable pianist, and I knew that it would be fun working together. So, it was the first night and I walked out to meet the audience, terrified but trying to look calm. And I looked over to my left and my gorgeous dad was sitting at the grand piano in a tux and he winked at me. It only lasted a second but it relaxed me immediately. I absolutely adore him,” she said.

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