EXCLUSIVE! Get to know Ireland’s next big girlband…

We hung out with Liir for a shoot in this month's magazine.

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So what do you need to know about the new Irish girlgroup, Liir?

Pick up your copy of this month’s VIP Magazine to get to know the girls properly with our full interview and exclusive shoot, but, in a nutshell, they are three girls determined to become Ireland’s ‘next big thing’.

Redhead Kim Hayden, raven-haired Michele McGrath and blonde Leanne Moore failed to make the Eurovision last year, but they have put that behind them and now expect to make a big impression on our music scene.

In the magazine interview, we chat to Liir about men, music and world domination, but for now, enjoy our quick-fire question round with each of the girls!


Kim Hayden

Twitter or Facebook?


Runners or heels?


Sweet or savoury?


Work or rest?


Pick up a book or pick up a pen?

Pick up a pen

City or country?


Shy or outgoing?

A bit of in both

Live to work or work to live?

Live to work

Sunrise or sunset?


Damien Rice or Paddy Casey?

Oh God, Paddy Casey


Leanne Moore

Tv or radio?


Fact or fiction?


Spice Girls or Girls Aloud?

Oh, definitely the Spice Girls. I’m such a 90s child.

Music or fitness?

You can’t ask me that.

Ah, you have to answer!

I couldn’t answer that question. I actually couldn’t live without either; they’re both my sanity.

Winter or summer?


Call or text?

Text. I hate talking on the phone…No, I can’t take that call.

Netflix or normal tv?

Normal tv

Dog or cat?


Tallafornia or You’re a Star?

I actually never watched Tallafornia, so I’ll have to say You’re a Star

City break or sun holiday?

Sun holiday


Michele McGrath

Dog or cat?


Talking or listening?

I’m going to say this because I never shut up – talking. But, I do appreciate listening as well.

Tea or coffee?

Tea (Leanne Moore pipes in: ‘She says as she drinks a coffee..!’) I drink lattes when I’m out and tea when I’m at home.

In front of the camera or behind the mic?

Behind the mic.

Red or white (wine)?


Business or pleasure?


Glass half full or half empty?

I always say the glass is half full


What’s TLC?

(Leanne: The one with Say Yes to the Dress!)

Oh, I’d say UFC. I’ve grown to have a love for UFC in the last couple of years, learning about the sport and everything that goes in to it – I’ve a huge respect for it.


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