EXCLUSIVE: Deirdre O’ Kane’s secrets to a successful marriage

The comedian and actress admits her work is a circus!

Moone Boy star Deidre O’ Kane has exclusively revealed to VIP her secret to a long and successful marriage. Deidre (45) lives in Chiswick with her husband of 15 years, writer/director Stephen Bradley, and their two children, Holly (9) and Daniel (6).

Deirdre and her hubby have been married for 15 years |Kieran Harnett

Speaking in this month’s VIP magazine, Deidre says no one has the perfect relationship and that it helps the pair are in the same business.

“It would be very difficult to be with someone who didn’t get the madness. It’s a circus – we each understand the pain,” she said.

Deirdre believes first and foremost she is a Mum, although she is out of the baby phase, she admits with that comes new problems: “They’re squabbling day and night. It’s horrendous. I don’t know how to fix it.” She added “I never understood the phrase ‘patience is a virtue’ until I became a parent. Patience is a gift I don’t have. I have to work so hard at it.”

Deirdre and her long time love
Deirdre and her long time love

The 45 year old looks great in her latest shoot with VIP magazine and explains how her 40s are treating her:  “The best thing is you really know who you are. You’re more assertive and better at getting what you want.”

And the downside? “It takes longer to apply the face. But you have to make peace with that and remember you’re lucky to be healthy and alive.” Well said, Deirdre!

The mum- of-two is feeling positive in her 40’s |Pic: Kieran Harnett

She is home now to star in Fiona Looney’s new play, ‘Are you there Gareth? It’s Me Margaret’, and last summer also saw her make a stellar return to the Irish stand-up circuit after a seven-year absence.

“I had to do something! I’m going mad! And having not written in so long, it came very easily and quickly, because I had loads to say,” she said.

Thankfully though, unlike so many of our brightest talents, we haven’t lost Deirdre to London forever, as Deirdre and her clan are moving back to Ireland for good next year. Hooray!

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