Everything you need to know about the Peaky Blinders film

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Fans will be happy to hear that Cillian Murphy is making his comeback as the Brummie kingpin Thomas Shelby in a new Peaky Blinders film that was recently given the green light by Netflix.

The film follows the award-winning six-season show Peaky Blinders, a story set in the early twentieth century that follows the Shelby family as they climb the ranks of Birmingham’s underworld while also navigating the radical social and economic changes of the time. 

The finale of the show saw Tommy Shelby looking to start a new life, so what does the film have in store for him and the rest of the Shelbys?


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What Is The Film About?

Since production isn’t set to begin until September, it’s been real quiet on the plot front. Although we have yet to find out what exactly the storyline is, there are quite a few loose ends that this film could explore.

Will we see Tommy Shelby leaving his old life behind and living in peace and solitude, or will he make his return to take revenge on his enemies?

The finale saw Tommy finding out that the doctor who diagnosed him with brain cancer was lying to him, involved in a ploy against the Shelby family with fascist leader Oswald Mosley.

After he decides to spare the doctor’s life, viewers are left wondering if Tommy will ever come back to deal with Mosley. Perhaps this film will answer that question, but there are a lot more theories as to what will be explored. 


Who Is Involved In The Peaky Blinders Film?

Director Tom Harper, who directed episodes in the first season of the Peaky Blinders show, and screenwriter Steve Knight will be collaborating once again to bring this film to life. I

t’s no surprise that our Cillian Murphy will be gracing the screen once again, telling Netflix: “It seems Thomas Shelby wasn’t finished with me.”

As for other characters, everything is still under wraps, but we’re sure we’ll find out more about who we’ll be seeing again soon.

We can safely expect to see many of the beloved (and not so beloved) Shelbys returning as Harper said: “Peaky has always been a story about family”.

Don’t know about you, but we’re super excited to see what the Shelby family will get up to next.

Cillian Murphy, Peaky Blinders
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When Is The Film Coming Out?

The release date hasn’t been released yet, but production is set to begin in September, so we can expect more updates in the coming year. Just be patient!

Although as of right now we don’t have much info on what to expect, Murphy, Knight and Harper are hyping it up already. Knight described the film as “an explosive chapter in the Peaky Blinders story” with “no holds barred.” Meanwhile, Murphy said that this film is “one for the fans”.

It’s clear this movie is one to look out for.

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