Over half of Irish mothers miss work due to everyday childhood illnesses

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With school back in session and the weather getting colder, we know that cold and flu season is just around the corner.

Sniffly noses and coughs are set to run rampant in the coming months. And that means that mams will have to be on their A-games to mind the little ones.

It’s no surprise that a new survey has found that over 50 per cent of Irish mothers have to miss work due to everyday childhood illnesses!

Yes, 64 per cent of women were forced to call sick out of work.

Pic: Unsplash

The burden of caring for sick children often falls on mothers, with 64 per cent of them taking on this responsibility compared to 26 per cent of fathers.

The research, conducted nationwide, also revealed that nearly half of children in Ireland are absent from school for four or more days each year due to various health issues.

Of course, parents would want to make sure that their little ones’ immune systems are bolstered so that they won’t be out sick at all!

Thankfully Pro-Ven is on hand to ease all your worries! The ground-breaking Fit for School probiotic supplement, designed to bolster childhood immunity and reduce school absenteeism by an impressive 30 per cent.

Pro-Ven Fit for School is specifically formulated for children aged 4-16, offering a powerful blend of gut-friendly probiotics to maintain immune function and overall well-being.

Each chewable tablet, with a delightful strawberry flavour, contains 12.5 billion Lab4-friendly bacteria alongside vitamin C. Notably, these tablets are suitable for vegetarians, and vegans, and are free from gluten and dairy.

Parents now have a valuable tool to empower their children’s immune defences, providing protection against the common sniffles, sneezes, and bugs that often lead to school absences.

The Pro-Ven Fit for School range is available from pharmacies nationwide, including Allcare Pharmacy, Hickey’s Pharmacy, Life Pharmacy, and McCauley Pharmacy.


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