Emma Doran: “I would totally do presenting. I’m on a journey. Bring it on!”

Emma Doran Pic: Andres Poveda

Comedian Emma Doran is back on the road. Honestly, she doesn’t have a second to sit down.

Thankfully, we’ve caught her on one of her in-between days. She has just wrapped on a top secret TV show and her two youngest children still have two more days of school before summer holidays.

But she won’t be relaxing for very long, Emma has big aspirations. Not just for her comedy career but beyond.

After getting a taste of what could be on sketch show Get Up Ta F**k, a skit poking fun at morning talk shows, Emma tells VIP Magazine as she launches West Coast Coolers brand new look that she would be up for presenting.


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“I would love to! I would totally do presenting. Do you think I would be good at it?” she laughs.

Of course, we agree that she would be fabulous on a show like Ireland AM.

“I would love that. I’m up anyway,” she jokes, she has a nine-year-old and seven-year-old at home who like to wake her up.

“I know with comedians, they’re like “I wouldn’t do this or I wouldn’t do that”. But bring it on. I’m on a journey.”

Emma Doran Pic: Andres Poveda

She jokes, “Karen was meant to put in a good for me!”

She’s already flexing her presenting skills with her podcast alongside her daughter Ella, You’re Grounded.

Emma flexes her comedic muscles by teasing, “It’s a great way to question her about her life.”

“I’ve done a few podcasts and a few commercial ones, but I want to do a real relaxed one with my daughter in the kitchen. She’s not into social media so I didn’t want to spook her, I left it with her for a year.


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“My fella produces it for me, he edits it and puts it up for me. So it’s really lovely, it’s a family affair. Obviously I gig and she’s in college and she works in a pub. So it’s a great way to catch up!

“It’s a great way to question her about my life. I’m like, ‘It’s a podcast we have to talk about something.’ I feel like I’m getting more juicy goss from her. It’s been fun.”

As for the rest of her summer, Emma will be gigging around the country as well as continuing to make sketches online. She’ll also be juggling her two young children, joking “I have no camps booked but it’s all good.”

Emma was speaking to VIP Magazine as West Coast Cooler relaunches with a new look, swapping bottles for cans this summer. Please drink responsibly.

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