Dermot Kennedy shares how he feels a ‘renewed sense of purpose’ during lockdown

Pic: VIP Ireland

Although this time is scary, disheartening and very uncertain, Dermot Kennedy has explained that since March, he has found a “renewed since of purpose” for his work and what he loves to do best.

Admitting that without concerts, screaming crowds of fans, touring and marketing around the world, the only thing he can really do freely is write and make music.

Speaking on Instagram, the 28-year-old said that he too has felt frightened and fearful for the future, but is trying to remain positive and most importantly, focused.

“I wish I could play shows. I’ve definitely had days where I’ve worried about the future. But this is exactly what music is for. This is a time for simplicity and honesty.”

Continuing, Dermot gave advice for other creatives who might equally feel a little disheartened by the lack of light or support in recent days, as the whole country now reaches Level 3 in the Covid-19 step plan.

“We can create. We can always do that. Immerse yourself in it, take solace from it. Remember why you started. Purely because you loved it and it made you feel something, right??

“Just bring as much beauty and passion to the world as you can. That’s all that matters right now.”

Dermot has been using all of lockdown to work on new music. From sharing photos of himself working on a new album late into the night at his studio, to releasing a new music video for Giants set in the height of lockdown, Dermot added that he’s putting his “heart and soul” into his work and we truly cannot wait to see what he creates next.

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