Dermot Kennedy jokes about his struggles with an Irish name in America


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Dermot Kennedy might have got his start in Dublin, but he is an international star now, even earning BRIT Award nomination for international male solo artist in 2020, and touring with Shawn Mendes.

But there is a downside to his international success as the global audience seems to struggle with his Irish name.

While Dermot doesn’t seems to mind, the singer did poke fun at his experience with an Irish name while touring in the USA.

Taking to Instagram, the Dublin shared a coffee he had order with his name on the cup spelt correctly. Which was such a rare occasion, he joked: “Incredible!! The illusive correct spelling. Hallelujah”

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Of course it isn’t just the generally public and casual fans that have gotten his name wrong. As one of Dermot’s most famous supporters, Charli D’Amelio, actually pronounced his name wrong when giving his music a shout out.

Charli, who has 140.3 million followers on TikTok, revealed her love for the Dublin man during a Q&A. The dancer was asked about her favourite song and mention Dermot’s For Island Fires and Family as one of her most loved tracks.

While fans were happy Dermot is getting recognition for his work and was recommended to Charli’s massive audience, some couldn’t help but laugh at her pronunciation of his Irish name. The LA resident pronounced his name as “Der-Maught Kennedy” and fans were quick to correct the star.

@charlidamelio #answer to @charslduck ♬ original sound – charli d’amelio

With one writing, “Did you just say derMOT I’m sorry for for laughing. I’m Irish and it’s actually DERmot”

While another said, “Dermot, dermit is how it’s pronounced” as someone else commented, “Dermot is actually pronounced like Dermit ”

To be fair, Charli was still quite close with her pronunciation, and the name isn’t common in America so she probably hadn’t heard it before. And it’s pretty sound of her to give Der-maught a kind shout out on her socials, so we think she’s forgiven.

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