Dawn O’Porter opens up on how marrying Chris O’Dowd has furthered her career

The pair wed in 2012

Chris O' Dowd and Dawn O'Porter
Chris O’ Dowd and Dawn O’Porter

Dawn O’Porter has admitted that marrying actor Chris O’Dowd has given her career a boost.

The pair wed in August 2012 in a three-day-long celebration they dubbed ‘Wedfest’. Since then, she has changed her name from Dawn Porter in honour of her new husband.

The broadcaster has agreed that since she tied the knot with the Bridesmaids star, she has found more success, but said she hates how her relationship and new role as a mother is more of a focus than her work.

In recent times, she launched a debut vintage fashion line, which has been supported by stars including her bestie Amy Huberman.

Chatting to Angela Scanlon on RTE Two’s Close Encounters, she said: “I’m probably more successful than I would be if I hadn’t met Chris. I’m alright with that, that’s a fact, he elevated me to a position I wouldn’t have got to on my own.

Amy loves Dawn's line
Amy loves Dawn’s line

“But sometimes, when I’m promoting my work, I find it really annoying. Chris can promote a movie and just talk about the movie.”

She continued: “I have to talk about my intentions for children, my child, my relationship – all this stuff before I get asked about my work.”

The British star also opened up about how much their lives changed when Chris got his big break in 2011.

Bridesmaids was his big break!
Bridesmaids was his big break!

“I was on massive red carpets but it was nothing to do with me, my career was going really badly at the time,” she said.

“It made me uncomfortable. Chris’ success did remind me of my own lack of success. I was also very proud of him.”

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