Davy Russell: “I’ve never been in a competition where I can enjoy myself”

Jockey Davy Russell and his Partner Kyle Vincent Pic: Kyran O’Brien /kobpix

Davy Russell hasn’t exactly impressed the judges on Dancing with the Stars.

While viewers are certainly loving him at home. But he hasn’t exactly been topping the leaderboards over the first three weeks.

He has that competitive streak in him as a champion jockey. So is he struggling with the fact he’s not smashing it week after week?

“The difference I find is that I’ve never been in a competition where I can enjoy myself,” he tells VIP Magazine.

Pic: Barry McCall

“I’m really competitive but I never had to show emotion. I was very plain-faced, nobody expected me to be laughing and joking when I’m walking around a Parade Ring or have a joke when I’m halfway around the racetrack!”

However, he admits that he is getting more comfortable as the weeks go on!

“This week, I’m definitely enjoying it a lot more. I’ve been able to take things that I’ve learned from the first three weeks so Kylee doesn’t have to teach me from scratch. That means it comes a little bit easier.”

As for the leaderboard, he is quick to tell us: “I was a bit confused by the leaderboard. But this week we’re starting from scratch. If my dance is good enough I have a chance of getting higher up the leaderboard.

Jockey Davy Russell and his Partner Kylee Vincent
Pic: Kyran O’Brien /kobpix

“I was really worried when I went home on Sunday because I was at the bottom of the leaderboard. How was I supposed to get from last to the top? But that’s scratched so hopefully I’ll end up closer to the top than the bottom this time!”

Fingers crossed for Sunday night!

Dancing with the Stars continues on Sunday on RTÉ One at 6:30pm 

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