Dara O’Briain’s lucky escape: “The bullet-proof glass saved us!”

Sounds so scary!

Sounds awful!
Sounds awful!

Dara O’Briain had a lucky escape when he was saved from a robot attack by bullet-proof glass around the arena.

The Irish comedian had, what could have been a near death experience, whilst filming Robot Wars recently, which he co-presenters with Angela Scanlon.

Dara revealed to Square Eyes that there was an incident involving one of the robots, and if it hadn’t been for the glass in front of him, a regular day of filming could have taken a drastic turn for the worst.

“I have never been more appreciative of bullet-proof glass than when I ducked into one of the ring-side areas as I saw a shard of metal smash in front of our faces. Like it’s coming at you at 60mph.

“There was steam coming off this bit that’s been wrenched off a robot right in front of us. The bullet-proof glass saved us,” he said.

Dara and Angela
Dara and Angela

Dara continued by revealing just how much one of these robots cost to make, and how much work goes into them – which makes the previous incident, even more surprising.

He said, ”There are robots which cost £25,000. They’re engineered to within an inch of their lives, they have computer systems and they’re wrapped in dry ice to cool them.

“There are levels of care that you would not see outside of the Premier League – but there are some proper ding-dong battles.

“Some are over in seconds, some are three minutes of just smashing each other, sometimes one flips another right out. The contestants generally take it in very good spirit but there were some tears.”

You can catch Robot Wars on BBC2, Sunday nights at 8pm.

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