Dami Hope opens up about his Casa Amor row with Luca Bish

Love Island

Love Island’s Dami Hope and Luca Bish are best mates now but fans of the show will remember their big argument in Casa Amor. When Dami called Luca out for being “fake”.

The pair moved past it quickly and soon were best buddies in the main villa, so their wasn’t much of an explanation as to why the fight happened.

Until now that is, with Dami sharing his side of the story on the Fancy A Chat podcast, after being asked about the drama. The former microbiologist shared how the fight between he and Luca is over now, so it was a good time to explain what happened. Saying: “I can drop it to be honest, I don’t care like, we’ve squashed it.”

He confessed: “That didn’t just come out of nowhere, it was building up man. Because, yeah obviously Luca, he’s a cool guy, a great guy. I love the guy, one of my mates yeah but it’s like, there were situations like before Casa Amor, where, you know, when people just talk to talk and they talk so much about all this stuff they’re going to do.”


Sharing how there was a big turnaround when Casa Amor was introduced, as Luca was originally egging everyone on and sharing his excitement for the challenge where new girls and boys are introduced. While fellow islander Andrew LePage was originally planning to stay loyal and sleep on the day bed out of respect for his, now girlfriend, Tasha Ghouri.

Saying: “Andrew was the one that like he was saying he’s going to sleep on the day bed. Andrew, literally till the end, Andrew’s always being himself yeah. You know he’s never he’s never changed his tune to act with the boys or any of that stuff.”

“Like he’s always just being loyal or that kind of emotional guy so like Andrew was the one saying, ‘oh yeah like I’m going to sleep on the day bed in Casa Amor’, we’re like we’re talking before Casa Amor even happened.”

“Then all us boys especially Luca included, he was like, ‘listen if one of us does it, we all have to do it’. Do you know what I mean like he’s the one saying all this stuff and then now there’s a turnaround where like Casa Amor come and now he’s the one [sleeping on the day bed].”


But he stressed a lot more happened, with one particular incident causing a lot of tension. With Luca suggesting everyone else bring home a new girl, while he stays loyal.

As Dami explained: “The one thing that sparked from there, all those boys were in the kitchen area and then there were six of us boys right and then Luca was just like, ‘oh you know what you guys should do? Like five of you should bring a girl back'”.

“And I was like listen this guy should stop talking, because I’m getting annoyed stop saying sh*t like that if you’re gonna do what you’re doing. Just do that respectfully, yeah, but stop trying to like coach us into like doing these things if you’re not in it.”

With the finally straw being, when Dami was trying to explaining how he felt bad about not being able to tell Indiyah about his connection with new girl Summer. With Luca not taking it seriously and nudging fellow contestant Jacques and telling Dami, he and Summer should share a bed.


During the row, Dami told the fish monger: “Yeah, stop egging other people on man. What’s wrong with you? Just be real for once. You’re fake, bro. You say one thing and then do another.”

With Luca hitting back: “What do you mean be real? What do you mean? No, say what you mean. What because you f*cked up tonight and you regret it?”

Dami responded: “I just told you how I feel about Indiyah, but at the end of the day you are trying to tell me I have done something wrong. I don’t feel like I have done anything wrong.”

The boys have put all the drama behind them, with Luca explaining on Instagram: “We were so close and very similar, that’s why we just told it like it is.”

With Dami admitting: “We had a few fights there.”

While Luca added: “And that’s why we had disagreements, that’s why we fought, but in the end we loved each other.”

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