Could Daisy Kelliher be heading back Below Deck?

Daisy Kelliher Pic: Nina Val; ninaval.com

We all fell in love with Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher on Below Deck.

She comes from sailing royalty here in Ireland, so boats have always been in her DNA.

We sat down with Daisy for one of her flying visits to Ireland to chat about sailing, reality TV and what is next for her.

Chatting about the reality show she admits that being on TV can be “so intense”.

Daisy Kelliher Pic: Nina Val; ninaval.com

“I have gone back and worked on private yachts since I’ve done the show and I’d almost say it’s boring. I thought working on yachts was stressful before, but adding the cameras is just such an extra element,” she tells VIP Magazine.

“It’s so intense. Mentally you’re very aware, maybe not so much in the moment but afterwards if you’ve made a mistake or say something you shouldn’t have, it can be quite weighing on you whereas in the real world, if nobody seen or heard, it’s easier to move on.”

She went on to say that there is a “physical aspect” as well.

Daisy Kelliher Pic: Nina Val; ninaval.com

“Time is of the essence but those extra few seconds when you’re waiting for a camera man to move out of the way makes a difference. It was only when I went back to boats I thought to myself, this is really easy without the cameras.”

And could we see Daisy back on our screens?

“That’s up to Bravo, it’s out of my control but if they offered it to me, I would do it,” she teases.


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