Cringe! Check out Vogue Williams’ most embarrassing moment

Even famous models have awky mo-mos...

Vogue and the offending two-piece...
Vogue and the offending two-piece…

She may look flawless, but model Vogue Williams has admitted that she has had her fair share of awkward moments.

The stunning DJ, who is currently fronting a new series called Mean Girls, revealed she was left red faced at the recent Autumn launch for RTE 2. Chatting to this week’s TV Now, she said:

“I arrived in a suede two-piece and and as I got out of my jeep the skirt ripped. I thought it’s fine, it’s still wearable, but as soon as I started to get all the pictures taken sitting down the skirt kept ripping, ripping, ripping. I actually had to go and change.” Nightmare!

...and after her outfit change!
…and after her outfit change!

The 29-year-old also disclosed to TV Now that her least favourite question is what happened between her and Brian McFadden. The husband and wife split earlier this year, but have remained pals.

“Me and Brian are still very good friends, we are just not together anymore,” she stated. And she obviously thinks very highly as her ex, as when asked what way she likes to spend a first date, she replied: “If you don’t mind I’m just not going to answer dating questions because I don’t want it to become I don’t want it to come across as disrespectful towards Brian.”

The pair remain great pals
The pair remain great pals


It comes after Brian admitted he will be turning up to his former wife’s birthday bash in Dublin this week. “I have a couple days off and Vogue turns 30 next week so I will be back for her birthday party,” he said.

And Vogue revealed she will be showing her support to her ex when he plays a gig in Whelan’s to plug his new album on November 4. “I’m excited for him and of course I’ll be supporting him. He’s really excited to come back with an album that’s different to what he’s done before,” she told the Herald.

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