CRINGE! Bono’s daughter Eve Hewson forced him to watch her nude tv scenes

The daughter of the U2 frontman is carving out an acting career

Bono and his gorgeous daughter Eve
Bono and his gorgeous daughter Eve

We can’t think of much worse than our dads seeing us in the nip on d’telly – but Bono’s daughter Eve Hewson FORCED her famous father to do just that. WHY!?

The 24-year-old stars alongside Clive Owen in medical drama The Knick, and has admitted she made her U2 frontman dad watch her nude scenes.

The stunning actress added that her family have been a huge support to her and her latest work.

“I made them watch it, I forced them to watch it. I wasn’t in the room though,” she said.

Bono's daughter is an aspiring actress
Bono’s daughter is an aspiring actress

“They watched every episode – my parents were funny about it but they were really supportive and my mom just kept saying to my sister, ‘She’s so good’.

“I think my dad had a few moments where he went ‘Agh’ [and had to cover his face] but they loved the show,” Eve commented.

Her interview with Town & Country magazine also touched on how she hasn’t tried to namedrop to further her career.

“There’s the cliche of the celebrity kid with a fragrance and a handbag line and they design jewellery on the side and maybe dabble in acting,” she said.

The stunner says she has never used her dad's famous name to further herself
The stunner says she has never used her dad’s famous name to further herself

“I’ve always been very particular about the fact that [acting] is the one thing I want to do.”

Eve, who dated One Tree Hill’s James Lafferty for a number of years, also disclosed that she’s “dangerously single”

“My sister says, ‘You need to look more available … You’re so confident in yourself, you look like you have a boyfriend’,” she admitted.

“I’m 24, I don’t need a boyfriend. It’s so much fun being on your own.”


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