Could things between Danny and Yewande be over? Here’s what you can expect from tonight’s Love Island


Things between Irish scientist Yewande and love interest Danny may be set to come to an end tonight as new girl, Arabella, makes her entrance.

Arriving unannounced, a shocked Curtis briefly speaks with the new girl before rushing to tell the others of the surprise newcomer.

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Speaking later in the hut, Arabella says “I feel like they’ve warmed to me really well. Obviously, I’m going to have to tread on toes and I want to find love. That’s the goal”.

The 28-year-old model wastes no time doing just so, and asks Danny and Anton to join her on a date.

While out together, Danny and Arabella appear to hit things off, with Danny revealing: “I feel like me and you are quite similar”.

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Conversation soon turns to the topic of Yewande, and Danny confesses: “I feel like I’m putting a lot of the effort in and I’m not getting anything back.

“I’m starting to question whether we’re compatible. When you said you wanted to take me on a date, I was really excited.”

Meanwhile, back in the Villa, Yewande says: “If he goes on this date and he gets on with her then that’s absolutely fine.

“I’ve emotionally prepared myself for that to happen because in my head I already knew it was going to happen. I have zero trust in men!”

Gal pal Amber gives advice to Yewande on the situation, telling her, “That girl [Arabella] is going to take your man if you don’t buck your ideas up!”

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Following her pep talk, Yewande plucks up the courage to ask Danny for a chat.

Will the Irish beauty tell him how she really fees or will she allow the romance to fizzle out entirely?

Check out a full preview of the drama below!


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