Conor McGregor’s new ad has been banned by RTE!

The national broadcaster is refusing to show an advertisement featuring the UFC star, and here's why...

McGregob bud 1
The ad starts off with McGregor walking through the streets of his native Dublin…

Conor McGregor is the star of a new advertisement, which encourages young people to “dream as big as you dare.”

In the 30 second ad, we see Conor first strolling through the streets of Dublin, then LA, with his distinctive voice telling people the following: “Never give up on your dream. Be your own inspiration. A beacon of self belief. Keep proving others wrong. If your dream doesn’t scare you, then it’s not big enough. So dream as big as you dare.”

McGregor bud 2
And finishes with him on the streets of his new home of LA

It’s an inspiring message from someone who has captured the hearts of Irish people throughout the world, so what is the problem you ask? Well, the problem is that the ad is sponsored by Budweiser, with their logo appearing at the end of the ad, and RTE feel that it might promote drink to an under-age audience, given Conor’s huge following amongst teenagers in Ireland.

Dee Devlin
Conor and girlfriend Dee Devlin at the 2014 Peter Mark VIP Style Awards

A spokesman for RTE confirmed that the ad was banned from its tv screens, saying that “”RTE believes it took the correct and prudent course of action in not approving the commercials for broadcast on its television services.”

The full ad can be watched here: https://youtu.be/CFsCYRp9ndo


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