Claudine Keane reveals how Robbie really feels after leaving international football

Poor Robbie!

It's been emotional.
It’s been emotional.

Claudine Keane has revealed how Robbie really feels about leaving international football for good.

The Irish football star recently announced his retirement from international football and his devoted wife has admitted that his final match in the Aviva stadium was very emotional for him.

She told The Ray D’Arcy show, “There was a huge sadness there, he’s going to miss it terribly I think. There was always that connection with Ireland. It was kind of a security for him.

“Part of it was a celebration of what he’s achieved and we were all just delighted with the opportunity. The children got to be mascots and it was definitely a family affair in that sense.There was also a kind of sadness there because it’s been such a long road and such a huge journey.

“It was a sad goodbye to everyone. It was most certainly an emotional night, the tears were flowing in the box.”

Robbie hit a huge milestone with his final Ireland game!
Robbie hit a huge milestone with his final Ireland game!

However, the former Miss Ireland contestant went on to say that the sadness was set aside when he scored one final goal for his country.

She said, “Even afterwards in the celebrations part of us were so happy that he’s achieved so much and had such a good run. And scoring the goal, we couldn’t have wrote it better. We wanted him to score the goal so he could go out on a high.”

We here at VIP towers are very proud of you Robbie!


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