Cillian Murphy opens up about putting his body through EXTREMES for latest movie role

It’s a tough job…

It was a lot of work
It was a lot of work

Irish actor Cillian Murphy has opened up about the extreme lengths he went to for his latest movie role, including pushing his body to the brink.

The actor had to lose 20lbs in six weeks for his role in, In the Heart of the Sea, where he starred alongside Chris Hemsworth.

Speaking to the Sunday World magazine, Cillian said, “It was done in stages. First, we were all in the gym and having steak for breakfast, getting very fit but lean, working on about 3,500 calories.

“But by the time we got to [the set at] the Canaries, it was sorely reduced. Our food intake was maybe 500 calories, which is an egg, some salad leaves… very little.”

Who said actors had it easy?
Who said actors had it easy?

Cillian admitted they the whole process made him go a little delirious.

“I actually think I went mad during it. There was a slight form of madness.

“Your brain isn’t getting enough sustenance and you go through all these emotions; you’re hysterical, you’re lucid, and then you’re weeping all the time.

“It was just a very strange experience,” he said.

You can check out the results of Cillian’s extreme body changes in the movie, which is out now.

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