Chaser Darragh Ennis hopeful for Irish version of The Chase

Darragh Ennis Pic: ITV

We absolutely and utterly adore The Chase, it’s the perfect show to watch with a takeaway on Friday evening.

But could we possibly be getting an Irish version of the iconic quiz show?

Well Irish Chaser, Darragh Ennis is 100 per cent up for it.

Speaking to VIP Magazine at the Virgin Media Autumn Launch, Darragh confessed: “I would absolutely love to, maybe the guys in Virgin Media would commission it. I would absolutely love to do it.

Darragh Ennis from The Chase, Lucy Kennedy and Dami Hope from Love Island Pic: Brian McEvoy

“It would be brilliant and I would definitely put myself forward as a Chaser. Jenny is on the Irish quiz team for the World Cup so she would probably be quick to jump on it.”

So there you go, we already have two Irish Chasers in the bag! We’re sure it wouldn’t be too hard to find another few floating around.

However, Darragh is quick to point out that there may be one small issue!

“It would be hard to find another Brad because they would be directly competing. I’m sure there’s plenty of presenter talent who could do it. If you know anybody, tell them to commission it and we’ll start,” he teased.

Darragh Ennis from The Chase, Lucy Kennedy and Dami Hope from Love Island Pic: Brian McEvoy

Darragh joined The Chase in 2020 after he appeared as a contestant himself on the show in 2015. He raised £9,000 in his Cash Builder round and defeated chaser Paul Sinha to take that money into the Final Chase.

Despite being on the telly, Darragh tells us: “My day-to-day life hasn’t changed. I will be going into the lab to do experiments. People won’t appreciate this but the chase is my side gig. My main job is I’m a scientist.”

Although he adds he has been bombarded by fans of the show asking him to pose for selfies!

“I get an awful lot of people talking to me which is very jarring because when I first came on air when we were in lockdown so came out of lockdown and wandering around, came from literally nobody knowing who I was to people having stop and stare at me in the street and ask me for photos,” he explains.

“I went on a stag party with my mates from home to Spain and I was absolutely mobbed by people, I was in hundreds of photographs because I think a lot of people recognise me but don’t say anything but in some scenarios they feel they are a bit more open to it. It’s fine, it’s what happens.”

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