Celebrities reveal their favourite Late Late Toy Show memories

These are GOLD!


It’s just one more sleep until The Late Late Toy Show, and here in VIP Towers we’re getting geared up for the best night of the year. While there are a number of standout moments for us, Irish celebs have their favourite moments from over the years too.

Now in a video made by RTE, celebs such as Gavin James, Angela Scanlon, Vogue Williams and Olly Murs take a trip down memory lane to share their funny and touching moments from watching the Toy Show over the years.

Singer Gavin James remembered Fionn the rapping farmer, and wants to bring him on tour when he’s old enough.  “My favourite Late Late Toy Show moment would have to be last year when Fionn the rapping farmer came on and did a rap. It was hilarious. I have to give him a buzz in about ten or 15 years and bring him on tour and we’ll have a little melancholic rap battle… about barns,” he said..

For Robot Wars presenter Angela Scanlon, The Late Late Toy Show marked the real start of the festive season when she was growing up. “It was the highlight of Christmas and really it was when Christmas began. The list came out, the pudding came out and it was happy days until Santa came,” she said.

We're SO excited.
We’re SO excited.

Model and presenter Vogue Williams recalls getting a Magnum ice-cream as a special treat when she watched the show with her brother and sister one year.“One of my best memories is when my parents went out and my brother was minding us, so me, my brother and my sister got given Magnum’s.

“We were never allowed have a Magnum, they were a really expensive ice-cream! So we got Magnums, we got loads of sweets and then we just sat there and all watched The Late Late together with our pens and pads, so, we could write down what we wanted for Christmas,” she said.

While UK singer Olly Murs has fond memories of fighting Ryan with a lightsaber live on the Toy Show! “The best moment for me was when me and Ryan had a lightsaber contest, for some reason. He was Darth Vader and I was, obviously, Luke Skywalker. We just started to hit each other in the end, it was just bonkers but really funny. It was a good laugh,” he said.

Other well-known faces that appear in the video are Katie Taylor, Bridget and Eamon, Blind Boy, and Daniel O’Donnell- check it out for yourself:

The Late Late Toy Show airs this Friday, December 2nd on RTÉ One at 9.35pm.

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