Catching up with our three beautiful brides getting wedding ready with Dr Emma

It’s been a month since we last saw our lovely brides-to-be, who were each chosen to win a makeover at award winning aesthetician Dr. Emma’s clinic.

Katie, Lauren and Lisa have all been treated for different skin concerns, from fine lines to acne scarring and residual lip filler.

They’ve been on a journey with Dr. Emma over the last few months, receiving different treatments and skin care regimes to help them to look like their most beautiful selves on their wedding days.

We visited Dr. Emma’s Dublin clinic to check up on the ladies progress, and to see them receive some exciting treatments.


Lisa had some migrated filler from previous lip fillers (not done by Dr.Emma), so today she was having that dissolved.

Dr. Emma did a short scan to identify where the filler had migrated to, and then she spot dissolved it.

Lisa then received a lip flip, to help improve the appearance of her lips. This is achieved by injecting a little bit of toxin into the top lip. In a few weeks time, Dr. Emma will reassess to see if Lisa’s lips need any further augmentation.

Lisa she feels “great” after her treatment today – and her smile is wider than ever.

“I’m delighted to get it dissolved, you could always see it there.”

She added that she is “so excited to see what the lip flip will be like when it settles!”


Katie has struggled with acne throughout her life, and Dr. Emma has been treating her skin with the BBL Forever Clear.

This process targets active acne, inflammation, and stimulates collagen as well.

On Katie’s next visit, Dr. Emma will address her acne scarring with some skin boosters.

Katie is glowing after her BBL, and she says that she was “glad to get back down [to the clinic] again.”

“I’ve noticed a massive change in my skin, it did purge but once it cleared up I feel like I have a brand new complexion. It’s so fresh and bright…and I can’t describe how soft my skin is!”


Today, Lauren was being treated for some lost volume in her mid face, which was identified by Dr. Emma in her consultation.

Lauren had some volume put into her cheeks using filler on both sides, to achieve a youthful and plump look.

After her filler, Lauren was delighted with the result.

“It’s great to come to someone like Dr. Emma, who looks at you and knows what you need” she said.

“It’s something I never thought about getting, and now I can’t believe the difference.”

Lisa, Katie and Lauren will be continuing their journey with Dr. Emma ahead of their big days.

See more from their treatment day here!

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