Bonnie Ryan explains why she got a new engagement ring


Bonnie Ryan has revealed her brand new engagement ring!

Yes, the makeup artist decided that it was time for a change after tying the knot in a lavish ceremony last year.

And she explained the very valid reason behind her switch up.

“When I got engaged I absolutely adored my ring, it was everything I ever wanted.It was white gold, it was a pear shape, it had a double halo and diamonds around the band,” she explained on TikTok.

Pic: Tiktok/Bonnie Ryan

She described herself as the “luckiest gal on the planet” adding that she was “over the moon”.

“I’d never worn engagement rings before though so I just thought that was what I wanted because I’d seen pictures and thought ‘that’s so pretty’.”

She went on to say: “As time went on I really realised that actually [this] isn’t my style and I just thought it was a beautiful ring and really would have rathered something a bit more me, something more classic and timeless.

“When it was getting close to our wedding my husband asked me what I wanted for a 30th birthday present and I wanted a new ring so for our wedding he got me a new ring,”

@bonnieryan Lets talk engagement rings PART 1 Why i changed mine and why I’m wearing the original again #fyp #engagement #bridetobe #viralweddingvideo #weddingtiktok #enagementtiktok ♬ original sound – bonnieryan

She showcased her new engagement ring alongside her wedding ring.

As for her original engagement ring, she explained that she went on got it reworked so she could still wear it.

“I went to the shop where we got our engagement and wedding rings and asked them how can we repurpose this into something that’s more my style,” she explained.

Pic: Tiktok/Bonnie Ryan

“I decided to take out the centre rock of the engagement ring and place it on a gold band that matches the ring I wear on my wedding hand.”

How gorge!

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