Baz Ashmawy pays touching tribute to Gerry Ryan

The broadcasting legend left a lasting legacy with Baz.



Baz Ashmawy has praised the late Gerry Ryan, who he credits for mentoring him when he first started out in television.

The 50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy star started out his television career on travel show How Low Can You Go? and he had no idea just how big the show was, but Gerry spotted the rising star, gave him advice on how to deal with his new found fame and also offered him his first radio gig.

“It was my very first TV show. I didn’t understand ratings.” he told the Irish Mirror.

“I was completely unaware that I was part of a smash hit TV series. But Gerry did and gave me my first break on his radio show. It was pretty incredible.

“I got some abuse online. I was young and just about to hit back. I mentioned it to Gerry and he wisely warned me, ‘Do not respond. Do not whatever you do, get involved’,” he continued.

“Gerry was talking from his own experience and I’ve always kept to that little piece of advice.”

He gave Baz some much needed advice.
He gave Baz some much needed advice.

The 41-year-old went on to say that he was very saddened by the broadcasting legend’s sudden death in April 2010 and he doesn’t think the coverage of his passing was fair or reflective of Gerry’s true character.

“They tried to make dirt of his name, but the people who knew him, knew he was much more than that.” he said.

“In all my experience of dealing with Gerry, he was always coherent. He was incredibly nice to me. That was Gerry Ryan.”

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