Arthur Gourounlian shares his heartbreak as mum won’t be able to attend baby shower celebrations


Arthur Gourounlian and hubby Brian Dowling are preparing to welcome their first child, and celebrating the milestone with a special baby shower. But the it will be a bittersweet occasion as Arthur has revealed that his mother is unable to attend due to health struggles.

Sharing the sad news with followers, the dancer revealed he was, “heartbroken” on his Instagram story.

Saying: “I am ready for the weekend but also I’m very devastated. I wish I didn’t get this phone call this morning. Seven in the morning my mother called me saying that she can’t come to the baby shower.”

“The reason is, long story short, last week she was in Belgium to see family then she came back home. I think was Tuesday or Wednesday. Everything was fine. And last night she’s asleep. She had high pressure like a not panic attack, but she couldn’t breathe. Basically before my mom had blood clot and thrombosis.”

Arthur Gourounlian

Continuing: “So her legs were swollen from the flight, you know, especially in South of France, very hot, swollen and she couldn’t breathe. So they had to call the ambulance and the doctor said you are forbidden to fly so you can’t fly anywhere tonight.”

The Dancing With the Stars judge shared just how devastated he was.

Saying: “They were meant to be coming my sister and my mom were meant to be coming tonight, 11pm I was meant to be going to get them and I am literally a heartbroken.”

“Yes. I cried. Yes, I was absolutely devastated. Because you know, I was so excited. We’re planning this for such a long time for her to be here. We both cried she was apologising. I was like, ‘That’s not your fault. Don’t worry about it.'”


Arthur also shared what was planned for her visit, revealing it will be his mum’s 74 birthday on Sunday, which they now won’t be able to celebrate together.

“We were doing the baby shower on the 13th and on the 14th, it’s her birthday. My mum, on Sunday, will be 74 years old. So we plan all this weekend.”

“And she was absolutely devastated because they had to give her injection you know for the legs and for the blood to circulate perfectly and, and yeah, and the doctor said ‘you can’t fly right now you have to rest for a couple of days.’ And typical it happened last night.”

“So I’m absolutely devastated.”


But Arthur tried to stay positive, sharing that his sister would still be in attendance, and thinking of other ways for his mum to experience the baby shower.

Telling followers: “My sister’s coming so she’s gonna be with us tonight. I will collect her tonight. And you know what, we’ll FaceTime. Thank you technology because we can FaceTime, we can call each other, she will see it and then later on she will come to see the baby.”

Although he shared how special it would have been to have his mother at the baby shower, as she never attended one before.

Explaining: “I was so so excited because my sister never had baby shower for her child. So that was the first baby shower she would have been attendings.”


However, Arthur was focusing on what really mattered and shared how grateful his was that his mum was feeling ok.

Saying: “But the most important thing, she is all safe. She’s absolutely safe. She’s in good hands.”

Arthur also revealed how excited his mum was for the baby shower. Sharing how she had already packed and picked out her dress.

As he wrote: “This literally breaks my heart, she was showing me last night before she went to bed, she packed her dress for Saturday.”

“Effidy (Brian’s sister, and the couple’s surrogate) and mama were the only people who were going to wear white.”

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