Are Olly Murs and Niall Horan set to collaborate on new music?

The former X Factor star reveals all to VIP Magazine

niall horan olly murs
The two are really good friends

Olly Murs has set the record straight about working on new music with Niall Horan.

The former X Factor star revealed exclusively to VIP Magazine that while he’d love to collaborate with his pal, it won’t be happening on Olly’s upcoming album, which is due to be released later this year.

The album is almost finished so it’d be too late to start working on new tracks, however, Olly admits that if Niall was to release a solo album one day, he’d happily feature on it, if the Mullingar man wanted him to.

Olly told VIP, “I finished my album so we won’t be doing anything on my one, but I’ve heard rumours that he’s doing stuff on his own album. It’s up to Niall. He’s the artist so it’s up to him. Me and Niall are good mates, so if he wanted to do something, I’d be more than happy to jump in, but nothing’s planned.”

Olly Murs
He’d be happy to work with Niall, just not right now

While they mightn’t be working on any music together at the moment, the pair still hang out whenever they can.

The duo had lots of craic together on Paddy’s Day, but haven’t really had a chance to spend time together since – which is something Olly plans on changing very soon.

“We speak quite often. When I haven’t seen him in a couple of weeks, I do miss hanging around with him because he’s such a good laugh. We haven’t seen each other for a couple of weeks, so we’ll have to go for drinks soon,” he said.

The UK star has had a pretty good excuse for not seeing Niall though, as he’s been busy working on all his new music of his own.

Olly murs
He’s been keeping busy

As previously mentioned, he has an album in the pipeline, but has also just released a brand new single You Don’t Know Love, which he couldn’t be more proud of.

Olly revealed, “It’s got a nice 80’s feel to it. I think it’s a really cool track. It was nice to come back with something new and different for the fans. Obviously I talk about my old relationship and my ex and explain to people that you don’t know love until this happens, but it’s cool. I’m really happy with it.”

Check out the video for the new tune, below:

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