And…Breath. The Best Ways to De-Stress

Our top tips on how to take a breather after a stressful day.


Life isn’t always easy – we hear ya. There’s always so much going on – you have a career ladder to climb, a family to look after, friends to catch up with, date time to fit in with your beau – sometimes it’s impossible to find a bit of me-time.

But are you finding your brow constantly furrowed? Pulse galloping? Barely able to breathe?

Then you’ve crossed the fine line between being a busy laydee to urgently requiring a little relaxation.

Here are some simple ways to keep tension from taking over…

Catch some zzzz’s

We’re all guilty of it – we spend the day with our faces burrowed in laptops and computers, and instead of taking a break when we leave the office, it continues as soon as we get home. If that’s not bad enough, when we finally get into bed, we get the phone out and embark on a scrolling spree on Instagram & Facebook before realising it’s 1 a.m and we’re now wide awake. Not good.

Experts insist that you should put the phone away at least one hour before hitting the hay, as bright light from the phone screen prevents the body from winding down naturally.

Take a breather

Sometimes when it comes to your lunch break, you find you still have so much to do and can’t break yourself away from the desk – wrong. It’s vital to get away for a break, and going for a brisk walk outside in the fresh air can be the perfect antidote to break up the day… and could actually make it more productive.

Say ‘Ommmm’

Yoga is a proven stress-buster, but if you find that classes are not option, why not learn a few simple stretches and introduce them to your daily routine – we recommend pelvic tilts, downward facing dog and some lunges. Also, practice your breathing technique: top tip, breathe in through the nose for five seconds, hold for two seconds, then exhale through the mouth for eight seconds. Repeat ten times and you’ll be graaaand.

Count yo’ blessings

When it all gets a little bit too much, just step back for a moment. Have a think about what you’re grateful for… to have a steady job, to have a healthy family, to have loving friends, to have a deadly partner… all better now? Sometimes you gotta get your priorities straight and realise what’s truly important.


It’s corny, it’s cliched, it’s been uttered from the mouth of every single Irish Mammy, but it’s also true – a problem shared is a problem halved. If you hold it all in, you’re just going to implode and that won’t be pretty. Say it to one of the girls – and not by Whatsapp or Viber, ask to meet and have a coffee and unload your stresses face-to-face. You’ll feel ten times better afterwards, we promise!


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